How to Dry a Bottle

• 21 February 2013

IKEA is a bit like are almost always guaranteed to find something attractive for a cheap price.  But, every now and again, you come across a real keeper; meaning, the quality and design of the product visibly surpass the price.  For me, the tall, glass Korken bottles are just that.  They are versatile (I use them for every type of gathering), inexpensive ($4 a pop) and even made in Italy (you were expecting China, right?).  I've owned a half dozen for a few years now and haven't lost a single one, which further indicates their sturdiness (I thank Italy for that).  In fact, on my quarterly trip to IKEA, I am always tempted to pick up a few more.  The idea of a dozen all lined up in a row on a shelf just makes me happy (this kitchen would provide the ideal backdrop, yes?).

Now, the only drawback to using (and subsequently, cleaning) these bottles is the issue of how to dry them out; that narrow spout makes it quite challenging!  However, I discovered a solution recently that seemed to do the trick better than anything else I've ever tried.  All you need is a white, IKEA napkin--the one that comes in a pack of 100 for $3 (appropriately called "Fantastik"!).  It is a 3-ply napkin and therefore, highly absorbant.  Not only do these napkins do a great job wicking away moisture from the bottle's interior, but they serve as the perfect, basic dinner napkin.

Here are 5 easy steps to a clean, dry bottle:

1.  Take one, white IKEA napkin and lay it flat on the counter.

2.  Roll the napkin into a narrow funnel, starting at the creased corner and moving towards the opposite corner.

3.  Carefully place the rolled, napkin baton through the neck, until there is an inch of napkin left at the top.

4.  Fold the napkin overhang securely over the spout, so the napkin won't fall into the bottle.

5.  Sit the bottle on the counter in a cool, dry, and dim place, until all the moisture is gone.  Repeat with a new, clean napkin if moisture is excessive and not gone within a day or two.

images by me, Stephanie Brubaker, for stephmodo


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