I Accept...and I will Enjoy!

• 08 September 2008

Occasionally over the past several years (when I'm struggling with motherhood, parenting, etc.), the Husband offers that "I need to accept the life I chose". Honestly, I've always thought it a silly comment. I mean really, I've brought 3 children into this world, endured sick-the-whole-9-month pregnancies, and left a budding career behind--one I enjoyed a lot. Like a lot.

While not necessarily related, reading this article (and this article too) caused an epiphany to occur...I chose this life, this role, but I truly hadn't accepted it...yet. The Husband was right after all (don't tell him that!) and I finally understood, after 7 years, that I needed to change my perspective, my paradigm (Covey would refer to this as a "paradigm shift" I believe). Man, it felt good to do that...to suddenly realize this is where I would find my true happiness, should I choose to accept this challenge wholeheartedly, and with joy, not just endurance.

Doing this doesn't mean I have to give up my outside interests, it just means I need to change the way I react to my daily life. While these past few days haven't necessarily been easier, I have felt greater peace within myself. I know I have a large sphere of influence in my home and making a greater effort to make that influence more positive makes all the difference in the world.

When my kids are being grumpy, I often ask them to go to a private space and find their "happy face". It's about time I did that myself, don't you think? :)


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