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La Fin de l'Année

• 29 December 2011

Hello, hello! A belated Merry Christmas to you all!  How was your holiday?  Did you find that you were able to enjoy yourself and truly savor this special time of year?  I hope so...everyone deserves a nice Christmas.  We were fortunate enough to spend a very relaxed holiday with friends...friends who kindly allowed a very curious Baby Gray to eat the popcorn garlands from the bottom third of their Christmas tree all evening...all in the name of enjoying lots of adult conversation.  If that isn't true friendship, I don't know what is!

So it's December 29th and you're likely already thinking about what you want to experience, become and accomplish in 2012.  Isn't it wonderful that we have a fresh start ahead of us, a new chapter in our lives so to speak?  I am grateful for this new season of life and the chance I have to improve myself and develop better habits.  At the top of my list for 2012 is tackling my health, in all forms.  It's been on my mind for awhile and now that I'm 35, I feel a sense of urgency.  According to many health-related studies I've read, this is the age where everything starts to count.  Ay yay yay.

What about you?  What is on your mind?  Do you have a goal or two up your sleeve?

p.s. when I think of paper whites, I cannot help but associate them with January and New Year's Day.  How lucky we are that such a pretty flower can bloom in the most dreary of months, reminding us of beauty and hope.  Have a wonderful day my friends...see you tomorrow!

image by Nina Broberg for IKEA Livet Hemma - used with permission


  1. paperwhites are my fav, need to pick some up asap :) Happy New Year Steph


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