Christmas Report Card

• 22 December 2011

I realize Christmas Day isn't here just yet and that a report card is a tad premature; but, since the two days before Christmas is mostly full of baking, cooking, wrapping and delivering, I figure I can give myself a decent assessment on holiday preparations.  Some of you know my report card wasn't looking so hot last year; but that's okay because the fact that it was lackluster motivated me to make sure this one was memorable in all the right ways.

Here are some things I did right this year that made the month of December sweeter and less stressful:

1. If you hand write Christmas cards, buy them after Christmas at a discount and then save them for next year.  Even buy pretty stamps for the cards and store them together.  This not only ensures that you will in fact send cards the next year, but is cost-effective and a timesaver too.  One less thing to worry about next November...check.

2.  Buy holiday dresses and Christmas pajamas after Christmas (i.e. January) or in October, before Halloween.  This year I bought my girls these stylish and reasonably-priced dresses.  This is my first experience with Next and so far so good.   I found my kids pajamas on Ebay...a great place to find high-end children's clothing for reasonable prices if you're cool with closeouts. 

3.  Tell yourself that all Christmas preparations need to be done by Halloween so that you actually get them done by Thanksgiving :)  This ensures a peaceful December and lots of time to bake cookies for the neighbors. 

4.  If you don't have the opportunity to spend time with family on Christmas or Christmas Eve, then make plans with good friends in the same boat.

5.  Make an effort to share your means or talents with those less fortunate in some way...and do it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Everyone desires a nice holiday so if you can help out in some way, even if small, then it counts big time!

What are some things you did this December (or earlier in the year) to make holiday preparations more enjoyable?  I still feel like I'm trying to get this down and would love to hear any input from you...

image 1 - my favorite little nativity set about the house  /  image 2 - our Christmas cards with Minted skinny!


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