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• 20 April 2012

This week my friend Sara finished the Boston Marathon (no small feat as many of you know) and jumped on a plane to Paris the next day with her husband and 2 kids in tow.  Talk about working hard and playing hard, yes?  To celebrate I thought I'd collect a few helpful posts about Paris.  I know where my mind will be today...

4 hours in Paris  - what to do with limited time~

My guide to Paris -  an edited collection of non-touristy favorites~

What to pack for Paris - it doesn't matter where I'm going, I never seem to pack the right things.  I hope this post helps you avoid a similar conundrum.

Affordable hotels in Paris - hotel rooms in Paris are small and pricey; yet some are infinitely better than others.

If a trip to Paris isn't on your horizon, have fun creating your own Parisian experience at home by making authentic crêpes for dessert tonight (nutella/banana/whipped cream!), throwing a Paris-themed birthday party for your kiddo, or watching this energetic 3-minute clip.

image by Emily McCall


  1. Sara's pictures and posts have kept Paris on my mind as well. Love it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow. I am so proud of myself when I get in 3 miles!

  3. sara is a rock star! we (meaning all of Portland!) are lucky to have her!

  4. what a beautiful picture! a pleasant day. Valentina

  5. Valentine, it is a beautiful picture, isn't it? I think Emily should print a limited edition...I'd love to have one framed in my home! I think it truly captures the essence of Paris. The real Paris.

    Mary, Kayce and Heather, I totally agree with you! She is amazing. But Kayce, you should be proud of those 3 miles...I couldn't do that right now myself. That's certainly a great feat!

  6. The 3-minute clip isn't a fix for me at all! It just makes me want to go more!

    (I think I may be clinically obsessed.)

    Seriously though, great little video :) They did a great job capturing the essence of both Paris and Beynac!

  7. I cannot imagine sitting still for that many hours the day after an marathon!! eek! We are going back to Paris this summer after several years of not visiting so Im totally reading all the links! Id love to hear any advice on Paris Museums with kids..

  8. Jeff, I know. Once you've got the bug, it's hard to shake it. We feel the same!

    Amber, I wrote this post awhile back...maybe it will help?

    Oh and there is a little kids playroom at the Pompidou, which really came in handy!

    Diaper changing station in the bathroom in the basement of Merci (my favorite store in Paris!).


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