BR Sale

• 31 August 2007

FYI...through September 10th, Banana Republic is offering 15% off your entire purchase of $75 or more. This is valid at both stores and online.

Promotion Code: BRSHOPFALL

I love this ensemble -->


Making Books

I love the idea of making books for my children. I plan on making two copies of each book--one for now and one for later (this will go in their "Special Box"). With all the wonderful software programs and websites at our fingertips, this is quite easy these days.

I like Blurb a lot and am currently finishing up a book for E.

I would also like to investigate Good Stock further (featured on Black Eiffel last week) and perhaps have one of these beautiful, ultra-custom books made as well. What a special gift for that person or couple who has "everything". These are pure eye candy.


Foodie Films

I recently had an epiphany...

...most of my favorite indie films revolve around artfully prepared food and they also make me very very very hungry--like I need to head to Gary Danko (tried and true!), Chez Panisse, Per Se or French Laundry. I know, I know....such high standards these are! That being said, what's a gal without a dream?

All of these are available on Netflix and at any major video retailer for that matter. Enjoy!

Babette's Feast (Danish, Swedish, French)

Eat Drink Man Woman (Mandarin)

Mostly Martha (German, Italian)

* Did I miss any?



• 30 August 2007

Summer is almost on it's way out, but before it's gone use up those garden tomatoes and make a batch of gazpacho to enjoy.

Click here to view several recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines. You pick!

Not sure what gazpacho is? Click here to read a little ditty about this wonderful chilled soup.


Bunny Chairs at DWR

I love these mini chairs, a.k.a. "Bunny Chairs".

They started at $45, went to $30; DWR then kicked in $5 off each chair if you buy 4 or more (not difficult to do); and if that wasn't enough...they threw in free shipping. I can't tell you how tempted I am to buy the yellow chairs for my future playroom...or maybe one pink one for E.'s room. Either way, they are just about as adorable as can be.

Click here to view the chairs on DWR's website.

...and while we are on the subject of DWR, I had to throw in a picture of this bedroom. Now this is my kind of bedroom. I love it head to toe. Perhaps if I had a room that looked like this, I could actually keep it clean.


Mint Lemonade

A perfect end to summer vacation...lemonade in the backyard.


4 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 cups sugar
3 1/2 cups water
lemon slices & mint leaves

In a medium saucepan combine 2 cups lemon juice and the sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring, until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat, and let syrup cool.

In a pitcher, stir together lemon syrup, remaining 2 cups lemon juice, and 3 1/2 cups water. To serve, pour over ice, and garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves, if desired.

* I like to buy a big bag of lemons at Costco, put them in a colorful bowl for decoration; then when ripe, use them for lemonade, lemon curd, grilled lemon chicken, etc.



When the little man of the house finally moves into a "Big Boy Bed", I want his room to look something like this. Okay so it probably won't look like it at all, but if it looks inspired by this picture, I'll be happy. I can't stop thinking about how much I love it!


Housewarming Gifts

Know someone who just moved into a new apartment, condo, co-op, home, etc.? Keep reading...

A few years ago in MS Living there was a wonderful article under "Good Things" about housewarming gifts. I've saved it over the years and use it for a reference point every so often. Hands down it's the best write-up I've ever seen on housewarming gift ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

A piece of pottery, a nice vase or some other decorative object from a local gallery / store...

Evergreen Art Gallery & Framing is a great stop for something like this here in SLC.

Breakfast in a Basket...

Making breakfast is one of my favorite things to do. We could all have fun with this one! Plus, the newcomers could use the basket for something useful in their new home.

Hanging pictures is one of those things that takes a lot of thought and time, which usually equals "doesn't get done"...at least not within a semi-reasonable time frame! That being said, we can't deny how much wall art cozies up a space. Help your new neighbor speed up the process by putting together a collection of everything they need to hang pictures...after 9 moves I have this one down pat.

* hammer
* picture hanging nails and hangers in three different sizes
* kraft brown paper for tracing
* pencil
* masking tape or blue painters tape


Lip Color

I used to be a MAC lipstick addict in college...but after bad reviews in the "taste" department, I decided to switch to yummier lipsticks. Here are a few lipsticks that not only look and feel great, but taste great too (is it me or does that last part sound like an old beer commercial? maybe I should add "less filling"?):

Aveda lip color...tastes as good as the Rosemary shampoo smells. "Kashmir Brown" (from last year's line--available on Ebay, MSN, or Salon Zazoo locally) is my favorite shade

Origins lip color...I love "Hot Cocoa" (check out the Cosmetic Store outlet in Park City); a close second to Aveda in the taste/sensation department.

Benefit Cosmetics makes a fantastic, luscious, creamy (can you tell I'm lovin' it?!) lipstick in a perfectly neutral color called "Good to Go".

Bobbi Brown...I like Brown Shimmer but when I'm in the mood for matte (most often) I use "Brown"...it's apparently one of her most popular shades and is constantly being used in photo shoots and the like. Apparently it's versatile too and looks great on many different complexions. Dandee sent me a swap package with the Bobbi Brown lip tint in "Tea" and I'm loving that as well.


Whimsy Sale

• 29 August 2007

For your information ladies:

Whimsy is having a storewide sale on Friday, August 31 through Monday, September 3 (closed Sunday), marking everything down at least 20% and some things, 50%. Let me know if you find something fun!

* Both the SLC and Draper locations are hosting this event.

2005 East 2700 South
Salt Lake City, UT
(across the street from Cactus & Tropicals)


Christmas Meadows

• 28 August 2007

This past weekend we headed up to the High Uintas for a little family R&R. Everyone had a great time, especially the kids. I overheard this dialogue between the two oldest:

E: "L., I am SO happy right now...are you so happy too?"

L: "So happy too E.!"

They could not contain their joy at being in a new place, sleeping in a different bed, and having new things to amuse themselves with--namely the rickety wooden structure E. named "Asie" (like "Asia" but with an "eee" sound on the end). What five-year-old pretends to run a restaurant? I have to admit that Ben and I were quite impressed and amused at the same time. You all just wait a few years (okay maybe decades) and this little gal might be up there with Thomas Keller!

A few pictures:


Kate Endle

If you are on the hunt for some lovely artwork for a child's room or a playroom, you might want to take a peek at these adorable, whimsical collages and illustrations by Kate Endle. They are uber-cute and timeless all at once.

Click here to view more works.

Click here to head to Kate's official website.


Dashing through the...Spray?

To me, this picture epitomizes summer. My little guy running through the sprinklers at Liberty Park with all the excitement and joy a two-year-old can muster. He was very content on this day.


More Martha

Did you know Martha has a furniture collection at Bernhardt? It's gorgeous. I'm curious if it is affordable...although skeptical. I might have to head down to the store just south of Fashion Place and do a little leg work. In the meantime, be inspired!

Click here to see the five different Martha Stewart Signature collections.


Yay for Boosty Yea!

I am loving these hand-made oilcloth booster seats from Boosty Yea! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the trademark)...
The new "Modern Color" palette hits the market mid-September (think powder blue with orange piping!). Fabulous!

Locals can find these at Hip & Humble and the Blue Cockatoo. If you (or rather your tot) want to test-drive a Boosty Yea! before buying, head to Finn's in Sugarhouse.

You can find a great selection online here or here. For discontinued patterns (and cheaper prices), hit Hautezone on Ebay.


European Collection at Gap

• 27 August 2007

I haven't seen Gap this cute in years! For a supposed "limited time" Gap is offering some fantastic pieces in it's small, but stylin' European Collection. This military coat and pintuck shirt are grabbing my attention.

Note that the sizing is European sizing so you'll have to take a peek at their "European Collection Fit Guide" to convert over.

Click here to view the coat.

Click here to view the top. This would look
great with a pair of trouser jeans.


Chinese Chicken Salad

Oohhh, I love this recipe...

No canned chow mein noodles or mandarin oranges in this recipe--just pure, fresh ingredients. I changed a few things to enhance it, but nothing major. Make the dressing ahead to save time.

To Mix it Up a Bit:

* add an extra naval orange
* double the wonton wrappers (I used 8 or 10)
* add an extra cup of chicken
* double the dressing to have a reserve--it's tasty!

Click here to view original recipe.


Backpacks on my Brain

• 22 August 2007

After discovering this backpack I wish it were L. going to Kindergarten this year instead of E. just so I could justify buying this backpack. If this isn't the cutest backpack for a boy, what is?


Menu for the Week

• 21 August 2007

I stopped by an Asian market last week and picked up a few things that are inspiring my menu this week...and likely next week's too! Since salad meals are most appropriate in the summer, I need to squeeze a few more in this month...

Vietnamese Beef Salad

Pasta Salad with Artichoke Hearts & Pancetta

Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers with Satay

Almond and Spice-Crusted Grilled Salmon (didn't get to it a few weeks ago)

Gazpacho (one must enjoy these fresh tomatoes while in season!)

Dessert: Frozen Key Lime Pie & Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Cream

* I try to make ahead as much as possible. I have more energy the night before, or the morning of but not so much at 5:00! Here are a few things to make ahead:

1. spice mix for salmon
2. marinade chicken overnight
3. make gazpacho night before
4. make frozen key lime pie up to two weeks before serving


Mommy-Daughter Project

• 20 August 2007

Plan a little one-on-one time with your little gal and work on this inexpensive but fun project together. It's sure to be a hit!

You can pick one up at your local Michaels Arts & Crafts for $8 or purchase online here.


Feeling the Love?

In the mood for a free manicure? How about a free cat eye-lash extension? Free deep conditioning treatment? All of the above? You're in luck! It's "Appreciation Days" over at Got Beauty in Sugarhouse and all the above mentioned treatments are free this week only (through the 25th).

Yes, you heard me right...free!

For more information about their "love list" or to make an appointment, call 474.2090. See you there!


To Do SLC: Campo & Tailored

• 19 August 2007

Like to look at funky furniture and hip clothes? Then head to Campo where you can dabble in both. Bastille's (Gateway) sister store Tailored is housed inside the Campo showroom making it easy to multi-task. The boutique is pricey but they do have some cute pieces on sale right now for 50% off. Tailored also offers pretty tchotcke's from Jonathan Adler and letterpress stationery from Binth. It's a pretty little place to peruse and to be inspired in two different ways.

Campo Home & Tailored
2855 S. Highland Drive

Salt Lake City


Homemade Waffles in Half the Time

I love homemade waffles, but don't always have time to make them; except on easy breezy Saturday mornings. The solution to wanting a nice breakfast on a weekday but not wanting to slave in the kitchen? Overnight Waffles baby.

Dust off the ol' red and white cookbook you received for your wedding or borrow your Mom's version. This recipe is a keeper to be sure. I doubled the recipe so we could enjoy them two effortless mornings in a row.

Overnight Waffles:

2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1 package active dry yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 3/4 cups milk
2 eggs
1/3 cup cooking oil

In a large mixing bowl stir together flour, sugar, yeast, salt and cinnamon. Add the milk, eggs and oil; beat till thoroughly combined. Cover loosely and refrigerate overnight.

Stir batter. Pour about 3/4 cup batter into a preheated, lightly greased waffle baker. Close lid quickly; do not open till done. I think you can take it from here...:)

* I like to serve them with homemade cream, pure maple syrup (very reasonably priced at Costco) and fresh berries. All toppings can be prepared the night before as well...bonus!


Instant Happiness

• 17 August 2007

Wow, I can't stop looking at these happy colors.

I also can't stop admiring this clever use of what appears to be an awkward space (perhaps it's underneath some dormers, or an attic?) This is the perfect set up for a room with slanted ceilings (duck!) or for a large room requiring some kind of division of space. I would never choose these colors off the top of my head but seeing this makes me want to recreate the happy mood; and if I ever became sick of the color scheme, I could simply close it off with that lovely ivory drape!

If you are feelin' it like I am, here are the exact colors:

Ceiling & Walls: apple green
Lime Green
latex pearl/two coats
Benjamin Moore for stores

Bookcase: aqua
Caribbean Holiday
oil gloss enamel/two coats
Pratt & Lambert for stores

{per Domino mag}


Back for More

We couldn't resist...it was just too much fun last time. This time we recruited as many cousins as we could round up and threw in a picnic dinner from Liberty Heights Fresh to boot. The kids spent an hour and a half straight bouncing from one ride to the next. I love how innocent the whole excursion is...free of commercialism, licensed characters and overstimulating media. It's just kids enjoying cars, planes and ponies.


100 Reasons to Get Rid of It

• 16 August 2007

Getting rid of things, usually via Craigslist or Ebay, is a little something I like to do on the side. I totally subscribe to the whole "de-clutter" / "simplify your life" movement and its a mantra I feel compelled to share with you all (plus, who wouldn't love a few extra bucks?). I love the calm it (decluttering) brings to my crazy life. Perhaps that is why my favorite place is just that...my favorite.

Another added bonus is that the less stuff you have, the less you have to clean, put away, etc. It just makes a hectic person's life much much easier...who wouldn't want that?

You've GOT to read this.

* Just don't look in my laundry room, basement or junk drawer...they are still W.I.P. (works in progress!)

**Addendum: Don't look in my car or my hall closet either!


My Favorite Place

Awhile ago on Your Heart Out, the ladies asked readers to send in pics of their favorite place in their living space. I knew this was my favorite place, but without the stool, it looked unfinished. Well, lookie lookie what arrived on my doorstep this afternoon...the long awaited aluminum stool I ordered online.

I like this little corner because:

1. It houses my Mac Daddy
2. I can stare at pretty cookbooks for inspiration
3. I feel tall on that 30" stool!

Anyway, now that it is complete, I felt compelled to take a picture.


Bringing Out the Inner Monkey

• 15 August 2007

In previous post I've professed my love for Martha's new craft line available at Michaels stores...but until this week I didn't know how deep the love went. I hit the Fort Union Michaels, which is the Martha Mecca of SLC to be sure. They carry every single item in her line and it's all beautiful.

I saw this and snatched it up for my little guy's third birthday party. Granted, it's not for 4 months but hey, does a cute little monkey-party-in-a-box come by every day? Now I get to spend the next few months finding lots of cute monkey things to throw in the goody bags. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one. I hope he still loves monkeys then the way he does now!

I think this would be a fun craft for the kids or perhaps this. And of course it would not be complete without making Martha's monkey birthday cake like Wami did for Taisei this year. Hopefully mine turns out as well!

Click here to view the Monkey-Party-In-A-Box on Martha's online store.

*If you see any great monkey stuff, email me! I'd like to stock up slowly and definitely ahead of time. Thanks!



I like my little hourglass. It looks very cute atop the bookcase in my main living space. The fact that it truly measures an hour is also charming. If you are on the hunt for something like this, here are a few options:

Hourglasses with colored sand...click here to view. Caveat: these only measure 15 minutes...not an hour!

Or a classic glass hourglass with white sand...click here to view.

...and then to mix things up a bit I've added a black hour glass.
These are a bit more difficult to find but it isn't impossible.


Sprinkler Fun

Having grown up on the eastern side of our country, I was never exposed to underground sprinkler systems...they were simply unnecessary given the moist climate. If I wanted to run through the sprinkler with my sisters, a parent would just attach the sprinkler component to the garden hose and we would run and scream to our hearts' content. My favorite type was the rotating sprinkler shaped like a fan.

But now that I live in SLC, where all is dry, grass doesn't really survive without a permanent sprinkler system underground. This makes my life as a parent easy when it comes to outdoor water fun. All I have to do is hit one little button and voila, my yard is transformed into a misty oasis. It's almost as good as the fountain at the Gateway.

Here are a couple pictures from the kids' sprinkler playdate with the cousins:


To Do SLC: Woollahra

The only boutique to carry Theory in SLC, Woollahra is destined to become a favorite amongst the style-lovin' locals. Owned by a former buyer at the high end boutique Great Garb (15th and 15th), this boutique is tiny in size but huge on fashion. The quiet, neighborhood location also adds to its charm.

I particularly loved the unique collection of handmade jewelry. All the collections are hung from inlaid ornamental iron pieces--very unique. If you are looking for a nice piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry stop by Woollahra and take a look.

1594 E. Stratford Avenue

Salt Lake City



Like Slippers, but Better

These look so comfortable I can almost swallow the $165 price tag. However, if I did wear them often, it would really boil down to five cents a wear, right?

Neiman Marcus carries this shoe in the lovely camel color pictured here but if you want additional color options, click here. You'll find cranberry red, chocolate brown, gray and of course, black.

These are perfect for the stylish Mom who also wants to be comfortable during her hectic day and the urban professional who doesn't want to wear three inch Manolos when she walks 10 blocks to work.

I can see Rebecca snatching these up.


Extra Seating

• 14 August 2007

Extra seating is always nice when entertaining but storage can be in issue. This is a great way to keep your living space attractive and neat while also utilizing extra and unused space for seating storage. These stools are so beautiful; and they come in about ten lovely colors including poppy orange. Yum!

Click here to see more colors.

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