Cooking with Daniele...Again

• 30 April 2009

Last summer the Husband found the most delightful chef offering cooking classes in the Perigord region of France. I raved about it here and decided our girls' trip to France wouldn't be complete without another class from Daniele. I wanted someone to understand how truly delightful Daniele is and how much I enjoy spending time with her--so I brought my sister along.

We arrived to La Borderie (the property she owns that has been in her family for about 150 years) late afternoon. We hoped to join Daniele earlier but couldn't tear ourselves away from the market and the grocery store...French grocery stores are terribly addicting :) Ingredients that are considered "gourmet" here in the US are just run-of-the-mill over there; making things like almond flour, vanilla beans, and fennel salt affordable and easily attainable.

Anyway, on to the class...we ended up cooking from about 6 p.m. until 11. We prepared our meal in the true French fashion--slowly and carefully--making sure we enjoyed every step. At the end we sat down and ate our meal together, savoring all our hard work. I requested we make poultry for this class as I wanted to be able to recreate our meal in the US (last year's duck magret was delicious, but where do you find a cut like that here in SLC?). Together we made chicken breasts stuffed with chevre, chives & shallots, an orange tart, tomato & shrimp risotto, and steamed vegetables with an aioli. Everything was simply made, but very, very good.

If you asked my sister, "What was your favorite part of your trip to France?", she'd reply it was this cooking class with Daniele. Moi aussi.

Sauteeing the shrimp in a cast iron pan over an open fire in Daniele's kitchen. This woman doesn't waste anything--check out her pretty orange peels from the oranges we used in the tart. Also fun to {try and} use was her vintage French scale complete with tiny little weights.

Signs of Spring crept up that week...lovely, lovely. Daniele recently planted 200 Truffle trees all by herself and is planning on selling off shares. How fun is that? During our dinner prepartion we took a little break to walk out and admire her hard work.

Our simple breakfast the next morning before taking off to explore Paris (about a 5 hour drive away) and one of our pages of notes.

Her website is being redesigned in the next month or so, but if you want to read a little more about Daniele, go here. I told her that next time I'd love her foodie tour of Paris. She even knows the owner of Poilane--my new favorite bakery in Paris.


Menu of the Week

I recently read an article that mentioned a couple who eats every last item out of their pantry in order to shave money off their grocery expenses. The wife even mentioned how creative she's become with multiple half-used boxes of different-shaped pasta. Reading this inspired me to be more diligent about considering what I already have, when I plan my menu for the week.

This is what needed to be used up in our pantry/fridge this week: fresh pesto, frozen veggies, potatoes, asparagus, green beans and a little prosciutto di Parma.

...and this is the menu I came up with that incorporates each of those ingredients:

Sauteed Sole with Lemon & Haricots Verts (french green beans)

Big Batch Vegetable Soup - add 1 lb. of cooked ground beef to make it heartier; freezes well.

Bean & Bacon Soup, crusty bread, salad

Caliornia Tuna Parmesan, asparagus, epi baguette

Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes & Green Beans, salad, fruit


Spring Art Market

Take note, this lovely market starts tomorrow morning! I love seeing all the cute things from Vinylicious and Vintage Fern.


Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes

• 29 April 2009

This week I needed to come up with a fun party favor for a baby shower I co-hosted. I agonized over what to create before finally deciding on cupcakes. I know, I know...I always make cupcakes :) To their credit though, people always enjoy them and a little bit o' homemade goodness will never be turned down or tossed in the junk drawer.

I placed the cupcakes in my favorite packaging--little white takeout boxes--and tied a fuchsia ribbon around the wire handle. Very simple. Next time I'll add a cute tag or something too.

It seems like vanilla cupcakes are always a crowd-pleaser (who doesn't like vanilla?) so I opted for the basic, but delicious, combo "Vanilla Vanilla". I made the Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake recipe and then used the Sprinkles vanilla buttercream recipe on top. I liked the combination a lot and will definitely put it on "repeat".

p.s. You can find self-rising flour near the all-purpose flour at your local grocery store.


More Recipes Added

It occurred to me the other day that my recipe sidebar needed a little updating; so, I added a few more links to other recipes that have become favorites as well. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Boots Bath Foam

• 28 April 2009

Every now and then it's nice to take a hot bath before bed and catch up on a little reading. Recently, I am enjoying this bath foam by Boots, a popular UK-based apothecary that now has a line at Target (and CVS for your East Coasters). It's full of delicious ingredients like bergamot, sage, orange, etc.

image from cb2...loving this spare, but colorful bath space.


Earth Tee GIVEAWAY Winner

Susan, please email me your contact info as well as the size you wish. Congratulations!


Easy Drink Labels

When hosting a get-together, it's common for guests (and hosts!) to forget which glass belongs to them. I've seen charms, sticks, and other gadgets but haven't loved their look or their price tag. Recently, I discovered this little trick in Good Housekeeping of all places. It's a great concept, but instead of flowers I'd opt for a simple scalloped circle and minimal (if any) embellishment. Think of all the ways you could "tweak" this concept!

image from GH


Comfortable Gladiator Sandals

Love the look of gladiators, but find it painful to wear flat, hard, unsupportive shoes. Thankfully there are a few comfortable choices out there for those of us with feet that require a little arch support and padding. I don't really need additional clothing for Spring & Summer, but I could use one new pair of shoes. You can bet your bottom dollar it'll be one of these bad boys:

Clockwise from top left:

"Brulee" by Clarks

"Macademia" by Born

"Riona" by Sofft

"Caesar" by Paul Green


Spring Basket

• 27 April 2009

Using Martha's miniature Garden basket as inspiration, I designed this for my mother-in-law recently (and then asked Cactus & Tropicals to put it all together for me). She allowed us to use their Paris apartment for our girls trip so coming up with something special was important to me. I mention this because something similar could easily serve as a lovely Mother's Day gift, or just a pretty Spring gift in general.

While I used little chocolate birds and eggs purchased in Paris, you could easily find similar substitutions. Perhaps try Jordan almonds for the eggs, and then try to find a chocolate lollipop at a locally-owned chocolate store. In fact, you could even make your own chocolate lollipops! It's pretty easy to do this if you have a mold, some sticks and good quality chocolate. My Mom used to make them for Valentine's Day.


Yellow Wellies - SOLD

I purchased these fabulous Aigle lemon yellow wellies at a flea market in France but failed to take into consideration the size in all my excitement :) They are a tidge smelly, but the ol' kitty litter trick might cure that problem. They would be perfect as a prop though, don't you think? If I were a stylist, photographer, boutique owner or just someone with a very small foot (European size 34), I'd keep them for myself.

Similar boots have been featured in Living, Cookie, Lucky & Blueprint. Aigle boots are made in France and typically retail for around $110. I'm going to throw them up in my etsy shop if you're interested...locals can pick up the boots to waive the shipping cost.



• 24 April 2009

As I've watched the amount of trash we throw out each week shrink; and the amount we recycle each week grow, I've thought a lot about my own personal contributions to both landfill and recycling center. I've learned that taking the time to recycle as much as possible requires a little extra effort if you live in a place where they don't make it easy peasy for you (you Pacific Northwesters have it soooo good!). But you know what? It feels really good to take a few extra minutes to ensure a contribution to this good cause. Keep in mind that traditional recycling isn't the only way we can help our planet--you can read more about it here in a "recycled" post about easy ways to be more "green" :)

So readers, since it is Earth Week and we are already on the subject of improving our earth, how about a little giveaway along those same lines? The Terra Tee Project has been kind enough to offer one reader my favorite t-shirt from their collection--the Earth Tee ($65 value). I love a pretty li'l graphic tee and this eco-friendly version is not only beautiful, but it's a tee you can feel good about wearing for all sorts of reasons.

First, the tee is made from 100% organic cotton farmed in the USA. It is also manufactured here in a sweat-shop-free environment. There's something you can feel good about! Terra Collections also uses low-impact, eco-friendly dyes as well as water-based inks to create their tees. As an added bonus, 15% of your purchase goes to the environmental charity of your choice. Sweet! If you can't wait until the end of this giveaway

So what do you say, shall we get this Earth Week giveaway started? Oh, and while you're leaving a comment, feel free to share any easy tips or ideas you may have about being more eco-conscious or recycling in general. It's not necessary to leave an idea or tip to enter the giveaway, but it would be much appreciated :) Thanks!

Giveaway Guidelines:

- You have 4 days to enter this giveaway (closes Monday, April 27th at midnight).
- Make a comment on THIS POST to enter.
- One entry per person please.
- Anonymous comments will be ignored.
- The winner will be chosen via random.org and then announced on Tuesday, April 28th.
- Winners must respond by Friday, May 1st to secure prize.


Layla Grace

I find that I enjoy holidays most when I prepare for them in advance. If you're up for a panic-free Mother's Day, it might be a good time to think about your gifting plans. New sponsor Layla Grayce has some wonderful, unique choices--you can view a few of my handpicked favorites here.


Paris: Habitat

• 23 April 2009

This store posed the greatest temptation for my sister and I while in Paris. We wanted to bring back every well-designed wooden toy, Missoni-esque coverlet, polka dotted shower curtain, swiss flag clock, and colorful decal. The prices were very reasonable making it even more difficult to narrow down our choices (painfully necessary). Consider it a "must-stop" in Paris.

We enjoyed the location in the Les Halles Shopping Center because 1) it wasn't crowded due to it's slightly off-the-beaten-path location 2) it was a larger store and 3) the floor plan made it easy to navigate. In addition, you'll find Muji next door to this location making it a 2-for-1 :) Next time I'll bring a larger duffle bag...


Spring Risotto

This is a delicious recipe to make and nicely incorporates those yummy Spring vegetables prevalent at the market (asparagus, leeks, peas). If you're not a lemon fan consider going easy on the lemon zest; if you're a big fan of lemon, stick to the recipe. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by risotto--it's really just chopping and stirring. Risotto doesn't require a lot of skill necessarily, just attention! My kids love to sit on the counter and stir for me, which works out nicely for both of us :)

One other note...risotto is incredibly filling and I think you'll find a little goes a long way. Traditionally, risotto is more of a side dish, or at least a smaller course; however, we enjoy it as a main course (this is a good one to add to your list of vegetarian meals) with salad and crusty bread.

Happy Spring!


The Importance of Getting Away

Not thirty minutes after I walked out of the airport, just off a ten-hour flight, I found myself picking up my daughter from school, moving on to entertain my 3 kids (during what I call the "witching hour"--4/5 p.m.) and attempting to put together something edible for dinner. Yes, it would've been nice to rest and relax my jet-lagged body, but a busy life is just that...busy. Oh how quickly the vacation ends! Thank heavens for the chance to even have one. This brings me to the point of this post...the importance of physically {and mentally} getting away and leaving your daily life behind for a short period of time.

While away from our husbands and our children, my sister and I discussed the importance of taking "time off". Stepping away from our daily lives allowed us to 1) appreciate our families to a greater extent, 2) take note of areas we need to improve upon as mothers and 3) allowed our spouses to appreciate us more (and us them).

Playing Mr. Mom was an eye-opening experience for my husband (even with babysitters helping out at times). Yes, he's taken care of the kids for a few hours, or even a day at one point, but it had been a long time since I'd left him with all three. In fact, this might have been the very first time now that I think about it. I received repeated emails about how much he appreciated all that I do and how he understands me in a different way now. I'm sorry, did you say you understand me??? Those are truly magic words in my book. Don't we all want to be understood? It really feels good. SO good.

Dear readers, if you haven't skipped town with a girlfriend in awhile, perhaps it's time to start planning a little trip! The clarity of thought you'll experience and the renewed appreciation you'll feel at home will do wonders for your mind and soul. Remember, it doesn't have to be a complicated or expensive escape--it's the "getting away" part that is so important.


White Kitchens

• 22 April 2009

If you have a thing for white kitchens like I do, you must check out this "best of" presentation by House Beautiful. It's a well-edited sampling of their favorite white kitchens. One look and you'll see why...

image by HB


Spring Cleaning

• 21 April 2009

If you're catching a bit o' Spring Fever and the whole "need-to-declutter" symptom that often comes along with it, check out this ditty. As an added bonus to having a cleaner, easier-to-organize living space, you'll also find your pockets a little heavier too (maybe a guilt-free date night is in order?) While I don't have enough stuff to justify my own sale, I would love to join forces with someone (hint, hint).

image from Good Housekeeping


Quote of the Day

• 20 April 2009

The Husband passed this quote along to me this week...I really, really love it. What a beautiful reminder. Admittedly though, I just added several more things to my ongoing to-do/to-become list; namely, "be a better mother", which we all know does not happen overnight.

"Your toddler will do what they need to do, and not necessarily what you say. If you're patient, then they will be patient. If you speak gently, then they will be gentle. Whatever you want them to be, you have to start becoming."

-Helen Hunt


Brioche French Toast + Poilane

I brought back a large loaf of brioche from Poilane so I could treat my family to Brioche French Toast one morning after returning. It seemed like a fun {and easy} way to bring back a little piece of France to my family. Plus, you don't have to worry about the brioche going stale when you are using it for French Toast. In fact, it's almost better that way. Keep in mind that this recipe might sound fancy-schmancy but it's super easy to make.

French Toast
Martha Stewart Living Cookbook

3 large eggs
1 cup milk
3/4 tsp. kosher salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Mix, dip and throw on the skillet.

While on the subject of Poilane, I have to tell you how wonderful a bakery it truly is! I enjoyed the best apple tartlette OF MY LIFE two days in a row. It was, without a doubt, the most perfectly flaky pastry I've ever consumed. Given the high marks, one visit wasn't enough so we traversed the city the next day in search of more apple goodness (this time not stopping at one) and I seriously wondered how I ever missed Poilane on previous visits. Silly me. I'll never make that mistake again!

Locally you can find plain brioche at Gourmandies--the Bakery; cinnamon raisin brioche at Liberty Heights Fresh; and a decent substitute--challah--at Harmons. If you have a bread machine, this might be a good recipe to try.


$10 Tops

• 17 April 2009

I absolutely love the sale tops I purchased at Kayce Hughes/Pears & Pears a few months ago. The quality is excellent and you certainly cannot beat the $10 price tag. It looks like they are offering the fantastic promotion again!

See the {sale} grownup pieces here and the kiddo clothing here.


Orange Cardamon Madeleines

Today's weather gave me a serious itching to bake. Since my cupboards and fridge are looking more like Old Mother Hubbard's and not so much like this anymore, it needed to be something fairly simple. I whipped out my Martha Stewart Cookies book (love it!) and found a recipe for Orange Cardamon Madeleines. Since I recently purchased some yummy, freshly ground cardamon at an outdoor market in France, I quickly decided these were the ones to make.

After taking one bite, I decided I would definitely be making them again. They were delicious! If you don't have a madeleine pan already, you can find a nice one here. They last forever so consider it a worthwhile investment. Madeleines are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of herbal tea on a chilly day {like today}.



• 16 April 2009

Blueprint recommended Laduree in their Paris guide* and such a solid recommendation coupled with Rachel's "you-must-visit-Laduree" advice made the famous macaroon-producing patisserie top on our list. Oh how we loved it...so much that we both agreed it was one of our two favorite dining experiences in France.

My sisters and I do love a good tea room and Laduree's fresh herbal tea offerings were irresistable. Although slightly overpriced, the food we ordered was delicious and much appreciated after a few days of crepes and baguettes off the street. For added humor I took pictures of everything I ate, as well as the table setting, and the Italian couple next to us thought I was c-r-a-z-y.

p.s. As an added bonus you can order their famous macaroons after your meal to avoid the incredibly long lines downstairs. Oh and their pretty green boxes...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

* if you want me to email you a pdf of Blueprint's Paris Guide, shoot me an email.


Good to Know: Spring Fashion Tips

Loving this short and sweet article about Spring fashion trends (what to try + what to trash = good to know in my book). I love that someone created a tidy list for those of us who feel slightly out of the loop when it comes to runway talk. I really don't feel like I have time to give this area of my life a lot of attention (okay, okay...I don't make time), so I'm grateful to feel a little more "in the know".

I've also read that gladiators continue to be very fashionable (this is the year I'm going to try them out--they looked so awesome on my sister the last time I saw her) as well as ankle boots. If you're interested in knowing how to wear the ankle boot for Spring, read this article and then also check out this look on The Sartorialist.

clockwise from top left:

1. ruffle shift dress

2. striped skirt

3. safari jacket

4. striped tee

I'm also very curious about the Elle Collection for Kohls. Has anyone checked it out in person? I noticed the pricing is more reasonable than the Vera Wang collection for Kohls (I wasn't a fan...quality + pricing didn't match up). I really like the looks I'm seeing online...


Can Facebook be Your Friend?

• 15 April 2009

This recently published article in Real Simple summarizes oh-so-perfectly my love/hate relationship with Facebook. Perhaps some of you feel the same way? Oui? Non? Well, regardless of your feelings on the subject, this is a great 5-minute read.


Paris Flea Market: Oh the Possibilities

We awoke Saturday morning to hit my favorite vide-grenier in France to date. My sister and I tried to pull off the whole French-no-makeup thing (me quite unsuccessfully I might add) and busted a move to get there as quickly as possible...in the outfit we wore the previous day. It was awesome :)

Can I just say that I love French flea markets, specifically vide greniers. They satiate my need for a bargain in such a fabulous way. Why is French junk so much better than the stuff I see around here on Saturday mornings? :) Take that pitcher and glass set for example (note: I am still kicking myself for not snatching this up)...is it totally stylin' or what? My sister dug the fuzzy stools...she is a big mid-century fan.

I found a few great things but the highlight of the vide grenier was the vintage French globe my sister picked up to add to her collection. I was so thrilled she found exactly what she was looking for! If only we'd brought a bigger bag...my sweet sister had to carry around the full-size globe for the next 2 hours while I hit every. single. vendor. Poor thing.


Persimmon & Pink SALE

• 14 April 2009

If you've been eyeing one of Susan's beautiful graphic prints, then now is the time to pick one up...or three in fact. For the next four days etsy fav Persimmon & Pink is offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free dealio on all prints. I confess I absolutely love this print purchased at Christmastime for my son. You just can't beat the modern simplicy of Persimmon & Pink's colorful prints. To obtain your free print, just mention which one you'd like in the "message to seller" option. Perhaps keep a couple for your own home and then gift one to a dear friend.

Grab your 3-4-2 here before April 17th.


Kiddo Thank You Notes

I can't stop thinking about these pretty little handmade cards a la Vienna. What a great way to express thanks, entertain your child/children, and use up some of those craft supplies hanging around! I think we might take on something like this in the next few days...we have a few more days left of Spring Break vacation...I doubt they'll be as cute but we'll have fun anyway :)

images from here


Blue Lemon Bistro

If you live in the Highland/Alpine area and are looking for a fresh, healthy, clean, kid-friendly, locally-owned restaurant then look no further than the Blue Lemon Bistro. It's the only restaurant in the area to meet all of those requirements, which is no small feat!

The night I ate at the Blue Lemon, I enjoyed Lychelle's Vegetable Lasagna, which was rich and delicious. Despite the lack of meat in this dish, it's incredibly filling. Sadly, I had little room left in my tummy for anything else :) My evening there also included good conversation with other local bloggers, the opportunity to meet some new people, and an impromptu tour of the restaurant kitchen. I had no idea a commercial kitchen could look so incredibly clean and tidy, all while staying busy busy. I was tres impressed.

So the next time you want to gab with your BFF over a good meal, and have to bring the kids, stop by the Blue Lemon Bistro. You won't be able to resist your child's homemade macaroni & cheese kid's meal. Promise. You'll wish you were twelve again and able to order this cozy goodness for yourself! I love that mommies and kiddies can all eat well at the same table, in the same restaurant. Locals will also love their late hours...it's not always easy to find a restaurant in Utah County that stays open until 10 and 11 p.m.!

Blue Lemon Bistro
11073 North Alpine Hwy

Highland, Utah 84003

p: 801-756-7993

images from the Blue Lemon website


Paris: Les Jardins du Luxembourg

• 13 April 2009

The Luxembourg Gardens are one of my favorite places to visit in Paris. With or without children it's an interesting and fun place to be. For the kids there are pony rides, a carrousel, a large playground, and many more diversions. For adults, there are chess games, people watching, beautiful grounds to enjoy, and plenty of places to sit down and enjoy dessert :) I am also fairly certain Garance Dore and The Sartorialist hit Luxembourg Gardens for style watching...the backdrops of some of their images are awfully familiar...

I stopped at Gerard Mulot to purchase quiche for breakfast the next day ,and of course couldn't resist their amazing selection of patisseries. Do you blame me? I bought three--each of which they placed in a little pink box. I love how the French package everything so lovely--even the metro tickets you purchase are presented in a glassine envelope.

I decided three desserts might not be enough so when we spotted Pierre Hermes, Cher and I had to pop in there as well. I wish I'd taken a picture of their exterior windows--they are scrumptious. Truly :) After much deliberation, I decided to go with the Emotion Satine because it featured my favorite ingredient--passion fruit. Think passion-fruit gelee, layered with mandarin orange compote, and topped with whipped, lightly-sweetened cream cheese. I never did figure out what the little brown squares were sprinkled atop as my limited French does not include such vocabulary :) It doesn't matter though...they were delicious!

Take note the neighborhood around Luxembourg Gardens and Saint Sulpice is a wonderful area of Paris. Besides Pierre Hermes and Gerard Mulot, make sure you visit Souleiado, Noa Noa, Muji and Comptoir de Famille. While we drove there, you can easily access this area by Metro (Saint-Sulpice stop). Most shops are closed on Sunday in Paris (and sometimes the smaller ones on Monday too) so make sure you explore this neighborhood Tuesday through Saturday.


Sick Day

My two-year-old is not feeling well today so posting may be minimal today (although I may have to throw in another Paris post...can't resist!) Hopefully she'll be back to her normal spunky self by tomorrow and I'll be back to posting :) Have a lovely Spring day...

image from here


Etsy Pick of the Week: Kari Herer Photography

• 10 April 2009

In honor of the approaching Easter holiday, a recently-added Etsy favorite of mine...

Because of its simplicity, I can see this photograph looking incredible in just about any living space be it contemporary or traditional. You could change the overall look of this image by the framing choice alone. Whether you go for gilded or clean white, consider a white, gallery-style mat like this one. There is something about shifting the art upward that sets it off so nicely.

You can find "Egg" here and Kari's other photographs here.


Quote of the Day

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

-Mother Teresa

p.s. this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my oldest daughter...


How to Plan a Weekly Menu

• 09 April 2009

About a year ago I wrote a post about planning meals and how it allows us to spend less, avoid the what-to-make-for-dinner-tonight-panic and enjoy more delicious meals. I find myself constantly thinking about how grateful I am to the person who taught this idea to me and decided to share it once again for those of you who missed it the first round, or simply need a gentle reminder :) It's hard to remember that I used to walk into the grocery store blindly, picking up things I thought we needed {but didn't} and still came home wondering what in the world I was going to make for dinner!

You can read more about it here.

In the meantime, this looks like an interesting book if you're in the food service industry. I like the pretty cover as well.


Paris: Musee d'Orsay

It had been almost a decade since I last visited the Orsay. It was just as lovely as I remembered; perhaps even more so. We were also happy to discover the first Sunday of every month = free admission for all. How perfect for the last day of our budget trip! Free parking all day in the city didn't hurt either.

p.s. If you have a Tom Tom or other gps system, renting a car and driving around Paris can be very enjoyable. I highly recommend this form of "getting around" if you are comfortable with city driving. It's such a blast to cruise along the Seine with all the locals and to catch more glimpses of this beautiful city than you would underground. Renting a car also allows a lot of freedom when traveling as you are not limited by train schedules. Just a thought...

1- interior of the Musee d'Orsay

2- an outstanding sculpture; next to my favorite Klimt painting

3- pretty art nouveau pieces, a serene interior, and a closeup of the ceiling


Free Easter Graphic

A lovely {and FREE} Easter Bunny graphic from Whisker Graphics for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!


Paris: Ille Saint Louis

• 08 April 2009

This lovely little island in the Seine is a favorite spot in Paris. We were lucky enough to find parking here last Sunday and traversed the island en route to Notre Dame--which happened to be hosting a Palm Sunday mass when we arrived. Oh how the choir sounded like angels! I took a picture of my sister right next to where we parked our car. Talk about a scenic parking spot!

On our way to Notre Dame we passed these beautiful doors, in the most amazing shade of turquoise blue. Granted, Paris is full of blue doors and they are all lovely; but we found these particularly striking. Berthillon, the famous ice cream stop of Paris, also calls Ille Saint Louis home and so a trip was definitely in order. However, upon arrival we realized we were still quite full from the massive amount of pastries we'd just consumed; so for the second time this year, I sadly bid adieu to Berthillon :)

I loved this particular approach to Notre Dame. The little bridges, the quiet streets, and the view of it's "backside" was spectacular!

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